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Hans Werner Strube

Pronunciation of my name [IPA]: IPA transcription
*** Retired since April 1, 2011 ***
Former work address: Dr. H.W. Strube, Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1,   37077 Göttingen, Germany
(you may replace ö by oe )
E-Mail: strube@physik3.gwdg.de
Former function: Head of working group "Physical Speech Research"
Official position: akademischer Oberrat a.D.(not translatable)
Academic title: Dr. rer. nat.

Two illustrated posters (single file with 2 pages A4, in German) concerning projects of the last years: DjVu (105 KB), PDF (710 KB)
(for DjVu see below)

Publications from the field of work ...

Papers on pathological speech can also be found at my former coworkers' sites, M. Fröhlich and D. Michaelis.

Downloadable texts are marked by Download in the above publication lists.
There are two types of texts:
(1) PostScript preprints and manuscripts are available gzip-compressed and/or as PDF.
(2) Scanned-in papers are available in DjVu and PDF format. DjVu is smaller and faster than PDF but requires a plugin (version min. 2.x), freely available from Caminova (Windows, MacOS) or SourceForge (Unix/Linux).

Software for download

  • Basilar-membrane demonstration program: HTTP, FTP
    X11 versions for XView (last change: 10 May 2002) and Motif (last change: 01 Aug 2002) available;
    Java online demonstration.
  • My update 1.1c and plothd scripts for Dirk Michaelis's Hoarseness Diagram package.
  • MEX-version of Matlab playsnd for Solaris (SPARC), which sets the parameters of the Sun audio device correctly. C source: HTTP, FTP.
  • Copy, compare, get size of raw CD devices or images: isocopy, isocmp, isosize (11 KB): HTTP, FTP

Viewgraphs for internal seminar and colloquium talks

These are PDF files -- in German only -- with projection viewgraphs (some for overhead projector, some for "beamer" projector), belonging to internal seminar and colloquium talks at the Drittes Physikalisches Institut. They are partially conceived as terse catchword and formula collection and then might perhaps not always be fully comprehensible without the spoken text.