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Overview - Christian Doppler Laboratory


The CDLCME was established in 2009 in the Faculty of Physics and is projected to be active for up to seven years. It is located in the 3rd Institute of Physics (Biophysics).

The CDLCME is jointly funded by the Austrian Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG) and an industrial partner, LAM Research AG. According to the CDG goals, the work is dedicated to applied fundamental research and thus explores basic physical phenomena relevant for advanced industrial applications.

The CDLCME investigates the effect of acoustic streaming, cavitation and bubble collapse in liquids on solid surfaces on a microscopic scale. The envisaged major application of the results of this research is in wet processing and cleaning of nanostructured silicon wafers (computer chips), which is the expertise of the industrial partner. Settled in a multidisciplinary environment of acoustics, fluid dynamics and optics, the project builds on the traditional strengths of the 3rd Institute.

Participating researchers are: C. F. Schmidt, R. Mettin (Laboratory Head), T. Kurz.