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Dr. Robert Mettin

Ultrasound, Cavitation, and Nonlinear Systems

Particular topics are acoustic cavitation and properties and dynamics of bubbles in liquids. We employ experimental, theoretical and numerical research methods. Important problems comprise structure formation of cavitation bubbles, the extreme conditions in collapsing bubbles, as well as modeling and control of cavitation phenomena.

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group members
Aayaz-Bustami, Khadija Dr.Banchs Piqué, Miquel
Cairos Barreto, Carlos Dr.Eisener, Julian
Kauer, MarkusKristkeitz, Eric
Lübeck, ManfredMettin, Robert Dr.
Reuter, FabianSchneider, Julia Dr.

External and associated persons:

Bernhard Lindinger (guest)
Alexander Többens (DLR, PhD student)


Christian Doppler Laboratory for Cavitation and Micro Erosion

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